Demand for bandwidth in enterprise branch offices is increasing with the increased use of cloud applications, collaboration tools, and video. Because MPLS is so expensive, enterprises that require additional bandwidth need to leverage the Internet where possible without backhauling to a centralized peering point and gateways.

VxCloud Cloud SD-WAN solutions enable an integrated WAN implementation that can fully utilize Internet and MPLS connections simultaneously. Each link is monitored for packet loss and latency to enable policy-based routing based on application requirements. VxCloud SD-WAN solutions are integrated with Zscaler through a GRE or IPsec tunnel to provide comprehensive security, visibility, control, and data protection for employees going directly to the Internet.

With the combined solution, enterprise branch offices are able to manage the surge of cloud and Internet traffic without backhauling to the centralized DMZ in the data centre, using an agile hybrid WAN architecture for network transformation along with robust security.

VxCloud achieve all the required WEB and Internet services contact and access policies without placing any appliances on the clients branch offices.

Mot Cost Effective Managed Services Teams Enterprise Voice.

The combined approach of VxCloud Hybrid WAN and Zscaler’s Security as a Service platform allows enterprises to:

  • Deploy unified, dynamic and inline security that can inspect all employee traffic to and from the Internet.
  • Provide Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) protection that blocks the most dangerous threats before they reach company networks.
  • Guarantee key business application performance over hybrid networking by dynamically selecting the best network path using real-time measurement of traffic conditions, availability and application characteristics.
  • Use Internet backup links to offload non-critical applications
  • Deliver complete visibility on application usage and performance over the hybrid network 

The figure below is an example of how cloud hosted security and SD-WAN solutions can be combined to create a secure and reliable inter access. Full end to end WEB and Internet security is provided by VxCloud and ZSCALER

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