Voizacom provides Small and Medium Business with reliable ISP and Networking products. Voizacom ISP products are geared to provide internet services to organisations using ADSL, Wireless, LTE, FTTH, Metro and Fibre. Voizacom’s ISP support team provides both onsite and remote support to assist clients with problems and issue resolution.

Voizacom provides ISP services and connectivity from Telkom, Vodacom, Seacom, DFA and Wireless Vendors to create a best of breed user experience. Voizacom includes POP Email Domain Name Services (DNS) and Content Scanning solutions as part of the ISP services.

Unified Communication

Voizacom VoIP and Unified Communication products includes VoIP, Cloud IP-PBX, and Skype for Business. The Voizacom Unified Communication solution used in conjunction with the Voizacom SD-WAN solution provides sufficient bandwidth and QoS (Quality of Services) to support large clients across South Africa.   

Voizacom Unified Communication (UC) includes branch offices support by leveraging the SD-WAN to create an improved user QoE (Quality of Experience). Branch offices can now form part of company UC strategies including IM, Presence, Audio, Video and Conferencing and add telephony services such as VoIP and PSTN calling.

Hosting and Cloud Services

Voizacom is a company that embraces the move towards a Hyper Converged and Hybrid Cloud infrastructure by hosting Virtual Machines and Containers. Voizacom proves Software Defined Data Centre Services and Azure Cloud hybrid integration. Voizacom provides Backup, Recovery and Microsoft Azure Site Recovery as part of the Voizacom DR as a Service.

Voizacom Hyper Converged Product is based on HyperGrid allowing the client to deploy a software defined data centre with no Capex based only on a monthly Opex billing model. Medium to large clients can run Virtual Machines and Containers in a single Compute, Storage and Networking appliance hosted onsite or in a private cloud.

Security Service Provider

Clients that are moving to the cloud are at risk of opening up there networks and data to malicious and serious hacking attacks. Voizacom SD-WAN network traffic is encrypted and monitored. Voizacom’s SD-WAN solution includes Zscaler as part of the Web proxy services in South Africa to provide secure Web Access and Content Scanning.  

Voizacom as a Security Service Provider includes Security Assessments and Vulnerability Testing. Voizacom as a Managed Security Service Provider includes Ani-Virus, Cloud Web Proxy, Onsite Firewall and DR as a Service.

Cloud Monitoring

Voizacom Managed Services Monitoring Solution is based on cloud monitoring software that is perfect for small to medium Organizations. The following services are just some of the services monitored by Voizacom.  

Voizacom will monitor the performance of internet services such as HTTPS, DNS, FTP, SSL, SMTP, POP, URLs. Record and simulate multi-step user interactions in a real browser and optimize login forms, shopping carts and other applications. Monitor Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, VMware and Docker Servers, Virtual Machines and Containers. Monitoring also includes  Java, .NET, Ruby, PHP, AWS, Azure and mobile platforms.

About Voizacom

Voizacom provides clients with access to more than 30+ networks, optimising access and reducing networking latency. Hosted Networking services includes the design and deployment of Telecommunication links to services providers and networking designs

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