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Cloud Networking (SD-WAN)

Voizacom is a Modern Cloud Service Provider that has created unique services for clients that are focused on consuming ISP and Cloud based services, solutions and applications. Voizacom provides Office 365, Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud support and SD-WAN connectivity.

Voizacom has invested in a Private SD-Wan as a a service Hosted in all the Teraco iste catering for all types of organizations to maximize the use of cloud services such Microsoft O365, Unified Communication, Cloud Hosted IP-PBX, Azure and Amazon Web Services.

“Cloud Networking To Perfection” – Voizacom Based SD-WAN

Voizacom SD-WAN networking service supports O365, Azure and AWS. Run networking as you would run the cloud with Orchestration, Automation and Central Administration. Clients will be able to add internet access to current Diginet and MPLS networks and manage traffic flow.   

The new Private Cloud SD-WAN from Voizacom is hosted in Teraco and managed by a team of certified networking engineers. Cloud based VPN services can be created on any networking platform including LTE, FTTH, Metro, MPLS and Broadband through the use of the Voizacom SD-WAN solution. Use cheaper internet connectivity to achieve enterprise networking results.

We provide our clients with solutions that include:

Cloud certified consultants for cloud migrations, consolidation and deployments

Unified communication solutions to improve the client’s collaboration strategy

Cloud based hosted security allow clients to users the internet as the next cloud network

SD-WAN as a Service connecting the client client’s remote branch offices to the head office and all the cloud application as required.

Provide Carrier and ISP Services to client that need secure internet access

Cloud based enterprise monitoring for Private, Public, Hybrid clouds and applications

About Voizacom

Voizacom provides clients with access to more than 30+ networks, optimising access and reducing networking latency. Hosted Networking services includes the design and deployment of Telecommunication links to services providers and networking designs

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