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Small to Medium Enterprise FTTH Services for Clients to Enjoy Their Online Experience  

FTTH Optimisation

Our unshaped FTTH bandwidth and connectivity is supported by a robust and redundant Network, VxCloud customers can enjoy the best possible internet experience and uncapped internet access.

Managed FTTH

VxCloud FTTH accounts are managed with the ability to upgrade & top-up accounts, reset FTTH sessions. FTTH lines can be managed using the VxCloud Cloud Monitoring service for companies that require the ability. 


VxCloud Provides Clients with FTTH support and removes the burden of working with service providers. Let us do the calling, escalation and problem resolution for you.


VxCloud SD-WAN Service do not require FTTH public IP’s to provide secure Cloud VoIP, QoS and Cloud Security. FTTH SD-WAN Cloud VPN’s provide the best branch office support.

About Voizacom

Voizacom provides clients with access to more than 30+ networks, optimising access and reducing networking latency. Hosted Networking services includes the design and deployment of Telecommunication links to services providers and networking designs

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