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Voizacom provides telecommunication networking design, architecture and deployments

Voizacom provisioning is concerned with configuring networking and telecommunication resources to support a given service. For example, the service might require setting up the network to support client unified communications, remote backups and disaster recovery.


Voizacom Managed Networking Services is based on a combination of networking hardware tools and processes to achieve an onsite and offsite managed networking solution.


The utilization of FTTH IP based networking solutions with low cost capped and uncapped bandwidth solutions are provided by Voizacom


Voizacom Teraco Networking facilities and telecommunication access provides the client with access to all the South Africa telecommunication services providers creating isolated Data Centre telecommunication high availability and disaster recovery services.


Managed SD-WAN is a fully functional South African deployed Cloud WAN. Deployed using high performance networks supported by carrier neutral data centers in JHB, CPT and KZN. Managed SD-WAN includes networking and branch office Edges with Zero touch deployment.

SD-WAN Application Visibility

Having a view of all applications on the SD- WAN and the ability to control applications flow as part of the Managed SD-WAN product, it is a unique proposal to the clients. Voizacom will ensure that applications work without interruption, In the case of link failure such as jitter, delay and packet loss.


Traditional enterprise network architectures are built around a hub-and-spoke, carrier MPLS networks anchored on legacy premise based data centres. Voizacom managed SD-WAN provides one of the best MPLS overlay networks with multiple awards to support the client’s transformation to Hybrid Cloud.

SD-WAN Security

SD-WAN provides a comprehensive, distributed security approach providing access to policies across the network. Managed SD-WAN from Voizacom provides integrated WAN – networking monitoring and Voizacom SOC-as-a-Service security integration. Integrated Edge Firewalls for improved security.

About Voizacom

Voizacom provides clients with access to more than 30+ networks, optimising access and reducing networking latency. Hosted Networking services includes the design and deployment of Telecommunication links to services providers and networking designs

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